In heavy road transport, in order to ensure effective and safe oversize transport in accordance with legal regulations, it is necessary to provide specialised cars with appropriate equipment – escorting heavy sets. In Poland, there is one type of such vehicles – these are cars specified as PILOT. In Germany these are BF2 / BF3 / BF4 vehicles, where BF4 is replacing police piloting. Depending on the parameters of the transported oversize cargo, a proper transport permit is obtained which specifies a type of required escorting vehicle within a given section of a marked out route.
Our Company specialises in the comprehensive arrangement of oversize transport starting from detours or optionally, marking out a different possible route, finishing with road permits and piloting in Poland and Germany; we also arrange piloting and permits in all other EU countries. 
We have partners in all European Union countries who we cooperate with in the scope of the general arrangement of oversize transport.  


  • Comprehensive organization of oversize load transportations
  • Organization of BF-3/BF-2 pilot cars in Germany/Poland
  • Organization of police pilotage / BF-4
  • Possibility of organizing pilotage in other EU countries
  • Organizing permits for transportation of oversize loads
  • Adapting the road infrastructure for the needs of oversize loads transportation
  • Route detours, creating notes of detours

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We endeavour to provide top quality services which is ensured by experienced personnel. We pilot everything what is long, wide, high and heavy. Our pilots complete proper training and they are experienced in directing various types of trailers with steering axles. We implement all the projects with due diligence.

We also assist our Clients in solving ongoing problems and we do our best so that we achieve our objectives on time. With Toka Logistik you always reach your destination safely.